Featured Projects


Strange Negotiations

When critically acclaimed musician, David Bazan (Pedro the Lion), breaks from his lifelong evangelical belief system, he struggles to rebuild his worldview and career from the ground-up to feed his family of four. Strange Negotiations is an intimate, character driven look into a year of Bazan's life as he relentlessly tours the country wrestling openly with faith and the complicated role it plays in today's America.


Japanese Packers Cheering Team

In 2017, a coincidental meeting of the Japanese Packers Cheering Team at their home-base bar in Japan led to an invitation for the group to visit Green Bay, Wisconsin and attend a Packers game. That experience is currently being transformed into the documentary, Japanese Packers Cheering Team.


Our Band Wont Be Your Life

Our Band Won’t Be Your Life explores how little known musicians navigate the dedication and desire to be in a band in the face of a changing music industry landscape.

About Time Horse Productions

Founded by musician, entrepreneur, and producer Ty Morse in 2016, Time Horse Productions makes films about people on the periphery. At its core, Time Horse is interested in big things: music, religion, humans. But after taking in the big picture, Time Horse wants to tell stories about people who don’t fit easily into that picture. They are people who love that big thing, who think about it, and sign on to it, and smile and laugh passionately about it, but exist outside of it in some crucial way. Our films bring those outsiders into the spotlight in order to reveal new aspects of the big things that matter to so many of us. We tell stories about characters who are blurry and out of focus until we turn our heads, and our cameras, onto their original and new points of view.